Found! Spinners Records Store

Spinners Records-blogI hadn’t been to this store in many years and when I had, it was called Ragin’ Records. The name and owner has changed a few times since then. This Fresno, CA., vinyl record store was a pleasant surprise. First off, all the LPs are in alphabetical order. Sure, there are the usual sign/labels for popular musicians like Santana, but in the bins for jazz, for example, all the records in the “G” bin are in order. Sure makes it easy to find a particular artist. It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the store had a steady stream of customers.

SP-017-aThe guys working the store are friendly without being overbearing. They let me know about their upcoming Christmas party where food will be served and gave me a postcard with the info on the party. They were also cool about letting me shoot photos anywhere I wanted.

Prices? They seemed to average between $7 and $11 (I purchased records between $1 and $15). I looked throughout the jazz bins, and much of the rock/pop aisle. Here’s what I picked up:LP list

SP-010-aA few of the LPs I bought had small labels stuck on the plastic protector (not on the LP cover) with a bit of info, like “Near Mint LP” or “Plays good” which was helpful. I thought the prices were fair. If you want to peruse the dollar bins, I didn’t see any. No CDs, either. But some nice looking stereo gear/speakers from the 70s-80s time period that had been repaired or reconditioned that looked pretty good, including a rather rare Lafayette stereo receiver that was not for sale.

The store isn’t huge (not even close to say, Rasputin’s) but was worth a few hours of my time. I thought the selection was good and in good condition. Some early and original vinyl that I hadn’t seen at other stores was priced reasonably. The bins on the floor level were a bit hard to access.

When I went to the counter to pay, there was no barcode scanner, or any semblance of modern digital device. Each LP was written on a piece of binder paper with the sale price by Warren, one of the salesguys. He then added it up on an old adding machine twice, to make sure. Warren also proceeded to explain to me a brief history of the store. Overall, I like the way they operate. It seems more mom and pop.

I can highly recommend Spinners Records the next time you’re in the Central Valley of California. Their site is here. Wanna see more photos? Go here, to my Record Store Photos page (scroll down to show #5)!