Watch It! How Records Are (Were) Made!

MotherLike many of you, I’d heard about masters and mothers, even biscuits. But this video, produced by RCA in 1942, goes into great detail about the entire process, even the shipping of the records after they’ve pressed. I didn’t realize how involved the pressing of LPs really was. And you have to wonder how noxious the chemicals were to the workers, who clearly don’t know or care.

More wonderous is that the process works at all. Who could have come up with such a convoluted process to transfer a signal from a mic, to the final vinyl product? Must have taken much experimentation and error over the years.

OK, it’s a 19 minute vid, but if you’ve got the time, you won’t regret watching this, in standard def. Don’t be put off by the guy in the clown suit…

I found this vid at the Internet Archive, a fascinating place where all manner of info has been archived… Located in San Francisco, you can find just about any old stuff you want there! Books, music, movies, even ancient video games…they are archiving the world! worth a look!

Photo below is a from my 2015 visit to the Internet Archive in San Francisco. The event was about “Building digital libraries.” Pictured is a demo of their custom made book scanner.

2015-10-22 Book Scanner-022