About This Blog And Brad

WHY THIS BLOG: After years of buying vinyl records, I felt it was time to write about some of the LPs I find in the dank halls of what’s left of the brick and morter music business. There’s a satisfaction to finding a gem for a buck or three and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it. Maybe you’ll go out and find some for yourself. I have no timeframe, but I hope to have a new post for you to read about six times a year or so.

About-v2ABOUT: I’m a photographer, videographer, designer and guitarist. I began listening to station KYNO in Fresno, CA., over a Panasonic AM radio in 1968. FM was out of the question for me, an FM radio cost money! I believe the first record I bought was More Trini Lopez Live at PJ’s. My best friend at the time, Russell Velasquez, was a big Trini fan, so I was, too. I was also reading The Amazing Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Nick Fury & Strange Tales for 12 cents a comic. Star Trek was de rigueur.

My parents owned a Philco console stereo. Sometime around 1971 or 72 I convinced them to buy Dynaco tube components. Soon a PAS-2X preamp, converted to a PAS-3, was purchased, with a Dynaco Stereo 70 power amp, Dynaco A-25 speakers and a Garrard SL-72B turntable with a Shure cartridge. If my grandmother was still alive, she’d tell you how loud I would play it.

I was reading Stereo Review and High Fidelity magazine at this time, too, soaking up everything Julian Hirsch said. I had also played guitar at my junior high sock hop in 1969 (I think) with Jim Lum. We called the band the Eternity Syndrome, after an episode of Star Trek. Jim would go on to win a Grammy decades later as a pro session guitarist in Los Angeles.

I kept missing the great bands of the 60s. I saw the Doors not long after Jim Morrison died. I saw Big Brother and the Holding Company after Janis Joplin died. bands-v3B.B King, Tower of Power, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Elvin Bishop were big faves I did see live in Fresno.

Sometime around 1974 I was listening to an odd AM radio station out of Fowler, CA., a very small town just south of Fresno. On Sundays they would play a little jazz. The first jazz tune that made a big impression was Stanley Turrentine’s Don’t Mess With Mr. T. I bought the LP immediately.

These days I mostly listen to rock, soul, blues and folk from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and jazz from the 1920s through the late 60s. That’s the music I’ll be blogging about.

I still play the guitar, nearly everyday. Long live the Eternity Syndrome!