Visited! Haight Street Record Stores

Amoeba-v2After a day of working in San Francisco recently, I took some time to peruse record stores on Haight Street in the City. Yes, the same Haight Street made famous (infamous?) during the late 1960s for drugs, free love and protests. THE Haight-Ashbury district. Haight street is record alley. There are a number of record stores on it or nearby. In one respect, the Haight hasn’t changed. Some of the stores still take on the appearance of that time, with peace symbols and tye-dyed t-shirts in the window. But that’s just for show. They’re in business to make money, not love. Two of the record stores I tried to check out weren’t going to make any money on me, however, as they both closed on a Friday afternoon! Continue reading

Found! Bill Perkins and Bud Shank: Serious Swingers

shank, bud-serious swingers LP-wordpress I’m usually a little leery of jazz produced in the 80s. I suppose it’s because most of what I bought during that time period I rarely listen to now. But I took a chance on a Bud Shank/Bill Perkins LP (Contemporary C 14031, 1986) because I’ve been looking for vinyl by Richie Kamuca, and Perkins used to play with him. It didn’t hurt that the drummer was one my faves, the late Sherman Ferguson. Sherm used to play with Kenny Burrell a lot.

I liked the way side two opened better than side one, even though the song’s title, Blazing Paddles didn’t sound very enticing. Ferguson opens the tune with a few bars of well recorded drumming Continue reading