Found! Leon Bibb Sings Folk Songs

bibb, leon folk songsFolk music encompasses many a style. If you’re interested in the simple and elegant, Leon Bibb Sings Folk Songs (Vanguard VRS 9041, mono) is a good one. Bibb isn’t a part of the late sixties hippie scene that combined folk with rock. Bibb, guitarist Fred Hellerman and orchestrator Milt Okun provide the deep feelings that folk music is supposed to be about without the backbeat. Continue reading

Read It! Wounds To Bind by Jerry Burgan AND: Found! We Five’s You Were On My Mind LP

we five-web2Most of the music biographies I read are about musicians who have passed onto the great beyond, but that’s not the case in Wounds To Bind: A Memoir of the Folk-Rock Revolution by Jerry Burgan (with Alan Rifkin). While some of the members of the band have died, Jerry is very much alive, as is the band’s lead singer, the elusive Bev Bivens.

What band, you ask? In 1965, We Five was near the top of the charts, with a great tune, You Were On My Mind (Trident T-108 and A&M SP 4111*, stereo & SP 111, mono). I’d rate it among the best songs of the 60s. The band had a few other minor hits, but nothing else like this. Continue reading

RSD! Record Store Day, April 19, 2014

RCD-for web2It’s good to be number 73. Well, when there are more than 100 people waiting in line for the record store to open, that is.

It was Record Store Day in Fresno, CA., and I decided to try Rasputin’s on Blackstone Avenue. They open at 11am, I got there at 10:40am. The guy in front of me said he’d come here the previous year a few minutes before they opened and was number four. Maybe it was the article in the local paper about the resurgence in LP sales, that spilled the vinyl beans. So we waited. Continue reading

Found! Joe & Eddie

joe and eddie-theres a meetingJoe & Eddie were a folk-gospel duo who made their claim to fame in the early 1960s, but their career together was cut short when Joe Gilbert was killed in 1966 in an auto accident while driving home from a show.

Let’s start with…Joe & Eddie blew me out of the water.  I liked nearly every song on this live LP. I’ve discovered many a new group while perusing the vinyl bins, but I’m very excited by Joe Gilbert (tenor) and Eddie Brown’s (baritone) There’s A Meetin’ Here Tonite  (GNP Crescendo GNP 86, vinyl only!). Continue reading