Recorded! Bad Ass Bayou Blues Mind Bender & Mesmerizer Catfish Keith

2017-01-28-keith-catfish-008There are cats who can sing and play the Bayou and the blues…and then there is Chicago born & Iowa raised Catfish Keith.

Upon meeting him before a recent show (January 28, 2017) in Lafayette, California, he comes across like a regular guy. Nice, easy going. It’s when he hits the stage that the power of his voice and awe inspiring guitar work power through…like a musical tornado that knocks you on yer ass. And you’re glad to have ignored the storm warning. Continue reading

Recorded! Jazz Guitarist Sam Ahia in Maui

ahia-sam-02No, I’d never heard of Sam, either. He’s one of those gems, hiding on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Maui (Hawaii), to be specific. You might think of the local musicians as tourist attractions, but there are plenty of great performers there and Sam is one of them. Continue reading

Heard Live! The Akira Tana Quintet!

Tana-01Charlie Parker. Dizzy Gillespie. Art Blakey. If you’re a fan of bebop jazz, you know those names. I’m way too young to have heard beboppers play live back in the late 40s and into the 50s, but several nights ago, I came awfully close at the Cafe Stritch in San Jose, California.

That’s exactly what drummer Akira Tana’s quintet did for me. Tana’s band freakin’ bbq’d the joint, practically burning it down to the ground. Reminded me of why I listen to jazz in the first place. Continue reading

Recorded! John Worley and The Mo-Chi Sextet Play Freddie Freeloader

worley for wpOne of my regrets is being born too late to have caught what I think of as the golden age of jazz, back in the 40s through the 60s. But at the just finished 2014 San Jose (CA) Jazz Festival, I was taken back in time, to Columbia’s 30th Street studios, where Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue in 1959. Local trumpeter John Worley’s band, the Mo-Chi Sextet, replicates the whole LP and does a great job of making you feel like you got to hear Davis on stage.

Performed at the Club Regent, inside the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose, the 3pm show was packed and the band delivered. Continue reading

Recorded! The Bob Enos Legacy Jazz Big Band

Enos-web-blogOK, this isn’t about vinyl… but something I love to do is record live music and produce video. You walk into Rooster’s Roadhouse in Alameda, CA., and wonder if you’re in the right place. It’s dark, divey and in the middle of a mostly industrial side of the island (which is just east of San Francisco). The Bob Enos Legacy (jazz) band plays there every Wednesday night for free. The rest of the week it’s mostly rock bands, I think. I arrived at about 6:15pm and ordered the ribs and quaffed it down with a Negra Modelo. The beer was better than the ribs, but I heard the bbq chicken was pretty darn good. Slowly but surely, band members arrive and start setting up.  Continue reading