Links Worth Checking Out!

Be sure to check these links!


The Tokyo Jazz Site: Great info on the numerous jazz bars (or sometimes known as jazz kissas) in Tokyo. I managed to find a few, based on this site, while vacationing in Japan. James Catchpole will return your emails, although it may take a few days.

The London Jazz Collector: Excellent source for info on the many jazz labels, their histories, LPs (no digital here!) the guy picks up locally or on Ebay. Equipment, photos, all kinds of stuff. He writes from a flexible, fun perspective. Never puts anyone down for a differing opinion.

Jazzdisco is an online discography of jazz labels & artists. Also try JazzDiscography.

Blue Note Japan: More discography stuff, this time on the Japanese issues of Blue Note LPs. This is the English language version.

Brian O’Connor’s jazz photography: Images of Jazz. Lots of photos that are available for your use if you let him know your intentions. Many are of jazz musicians I had not heard of. He’s from the UK, and a good guy, too!


Tower District Records: A cool new vinyl store in Fresno, CA., run by the equally cool Bob Lambert.


Rock Prosopography 101: I tend to write about the San Francisco Bay Area music scene back in the 1960s and I use this as one source of information.

The Analog Dept: Quick one-pager on how to read Beatles on Parlophone deadwax… so you can figure out if you’ve got a first pressing or a seventh.


The Analog Dept: Tons o’ stuff about old turntables and how to fix ’em / mod ’em-etc.


Audiocheck: Want to check your ability to hear all the frequencies? Distortion? Stereo imaging, etc?  I tried  this site and found out I could still hear up to 15Khz! There are a number of hearing tests, and they’re pretty easy to do online.

Steve Hoffman Forums: Steve has a few detractors, but generally, his site is full of great info about the making, listening and analyzing of music. I consider him one of a handful of the best mastering engineers on the planet. If he is credited with the mastering of a vinyl LP or CD, there’s a very good chance it’s superb. I rarely participate in the forums anymore, most everyone is cool, but like any online discussion place, there are a few haters there that turned me off. Still, I highly recommend him.

Soundkeeper Recordings. OK, this is a vinyl blog, and Soundkeeper produces CDs. But it’s run by Barry Diament, one of the best in the business of recording and engineering real music. The musicians he records do NOT multitrack, they play live into a pair of matched stereo mics. His CDs have a very lively air about them, and a sense of a real band that plays together. If you want to hear exceptionally well recorded music (no matter the format), check it out.


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