Found! Cold Blood’s Sisyphus: Plus Compare the LP and CD!

Cold blood wordpressGrowing up in the 1960s and 70s, I didn’t know much about jazz. By the late 60s, there were bands on the Top 40 AM radio airwaves combining jazz, rock and rhythm & blues. Looking back, the best of them might have been Cold Blood.

Signed to Bill Graham’s San Francisco label, the local band wasn’t so much a hit maker as it was a lesser known gem. Around this time, Chicago (with a three piece horn section) released their first record in 1969, an audacious two LP set that was sometimes panned for just that reason…no one had ever released two records for their debut. Continue reading

The Lost Recordings of the Fillmore: The Last Days, #1

Fillmore cover-WEB-2On rare occasion, the sands of time reveal the mysteries that have lain buried beneath them for decades. And so it is for my personal Holy Grail: What happened to the songs that didn’t make it onto Bill Graham’s swan song, Fillmore: The Last Days three LP setĀ released in JuneĀ 1972? Continue reading