Found! Nat King Cole Sings-George Shearing Plays

cole, nat and shearing, g-wordressWhoever decided to put Nat Cole and George Shearing together knew what they were doing. The result is just plain beautiful music. Not softly-sighing to the point of boredom or silly kids-stuff beautiful. I can’t listen to this LP enough. Cole and Shearing mesh together perfectly. It’s a shame they didn’t do it more often. Continue reading

Deciphered! Nat King Cole and Lester Young

nate cole-lester young-blogWhen does a record seem too good to be true? When it’s Crown Records CST 412, Nat King Cole & Lester Young! Of the five tunes, Lester does play on all five, but Cole only two. Given Cole on the cover, you’d think he would be on every song. It’s always hard to know what you’re getting with Crown, since there are never any liner notes.

All the online discographies list this 1962 stereo LP as being taken from the July 15, 1942 Los Angeles performance on the Philo/Aladdin label, but something just didn’t add up. Continue reading