Read It! Nica’s Dream, by David Kastin

Nica-review-2Over the years of listening to jazz, I’d heard about some baroness, some woman who had befriended many a jazz musician. And that Charlie Parker, the man mostly responsible for bebop jazz (hence, all the jazz we listen to today), died in her New York City apartment. So after reading David Kastin’s well researched biography about her, it turns out those things were true. I was surprised by that, figuring that the truth of it would be rather diluted by the murky waters of history. Yes, this is a book review.

But Kastin’s bio goes into far more detail than that, and it turns out that the Baroness Kathleen Annie Pannonica Rothschild de Koenigswarter (whew!) was a singular personality in the history of jazz. I mean, there was, and is, no one else like her. Continue reading