Found! The Three

The ThreeEvery once in a while I pick up an LP for its cover, and The Three was one of those, years ago (which is why I don’t recall the cost, but it was in the $5-10 range). The cover is dark, with what appear to be blurry, out of focus lights and as a photographer, it appealed to me. The songs and performance more than justified my faith in “buying by cover.” This 1978 release on Inner City Records (IC6007) is a showcase for jazz pianist Joe Sample, drummer Shelly Manne and bassist Ray Brown. Before you stop reading, give Sample a chance to impress you.

Sample is best known for his work with the Crusaders, a 60s jazz band (then known as the Jazz Crusaders), who morphed into the 70s as more of a pop jazz group, with a few songs that Continue reading